The laboratory houses state of the art equipments of colloidal characterization and rheology measurements. For collaborations contact PI: Prachi Thareja

3D Bioprinter

Manufacturer: Allevi

Date of procurement: 23/12/2020

An extrusion based 3D bioprinter for printing soft polymers according to the given CAD model for any application. It has photo curing crosslinking facility. The extruder heads can maintain 4 to 160 °C.

Modular Compact Rheometer

Manufacturer: Anton Paar

Date of procurement: 26/10/2012

A stress and strain controlled rheometer that contains the material of interest in a geometric configuration, control the environment around it, and sense the deformation under force.

Optical Tensiometer

Manufacturer: Biolin Scientific (Attension Theta)

Date of procurement: 21/10/2013

It measures static and dynamic contact angles, static and semi-dynamic surface/interfacial tension and surface free energy

Optical Microscope

Manufacturer: ZEISS (AXIO)

Date of procurement: 17/12/2012

Microscope that uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small subjects.

Flow coating device

Manufacturer: developed in-house

Date of procurement: 10/11/2013

Coat a thin film layer on a solid surface.

Vane Shear Apparatus

Manufacturer: AIMIL Ltd

Date of procurement: 08/10/2016

It is a lab scale experimentation technique to determine the yield stress of the various slurries.

Spin coater

Manufacturer: Apex Instruments

Date of procurement: February 2019

Lab scale equipments used to produce uniform thin films of a liquid by spinning it onto a flat substrate

UV Photochemical Reactor

Date of procurement: February 2019

Lab scale reactor with UV radiation source used for photochemical reactions.

Dynamic Light Scattering ZetaSizer

Manufacturer: Brookhaven Instruments

Date of procurement: Februray 2019

Used to determine the size distribution profile of small particles in suspension or polymers in solution.

Pipe Loop

To understand the transportation properties of Non Newtonian Slurries